Coronavirus support

This page is aimed at signposting villagers to useful resources and help during this coronavirus crisis and is a compilation of Maurie Mails.

Back on the river
Encounter Cornwall – Open for hire and one to one trips / tuition. Updated 19.5.2020
It was great to be back on the water after so many landlocked lockdown weeks of walking and cycling – and good to see so many local people taking advantage of the new rules over the weekend and keeping their 2m spacing.
In line with the new guidelines Encounter Cornwall are planning very limited opening from this coming weekend. We’re offering kayak, canoe and SUP hire to those with some paddling experience. This will be restricted to those from the same household – or two friends observing social distancing. We are also offering one to one kayak trips / tuition, again with social distancing. This is an opportunity for those who want to improve their paddling skills or to learn the basics on a one to one basis. You’re never too old to learn. Last year we had an 84 year old who wanted to learn the basics and went on to buy his own kayak. Admittedly he was a very fit retired sheep farmer and regular sailor – but new to kayaking.
We will be following all the Covid19 guidelines and recommendations from the BCU (British Canoe Union). All kayaking equipment will be thoroughly washed before and after use and not reused for 24 hours, and social distancing will be observed.

Help at hand
Contact Maurie if you are concerned that you have the symptoms of Coronavirus and are self-isolating. This will ensure that you have someone in regular communication with you, and a team of local volunteers that can ensure that you have any medication or supplies delivered to you whilst you are isolated. This information will kept in the strictest confidence.
Maurie’s contact details are:; 01726 833475; 07777611285 

Parish Council contact details
Chairman St Sampson Parish Council:
01726832246; 07894 167007 (No reception at South Torfrey)  
Cllr Debbie Pugh-Jones:; 01726 834521; 07984 630662

Fishermans Arms
Basic shop facilities are available. If you are able to order the day before it will help to ensure products are in stock. Products may be frozen to ensure their freshness at this time. Bread must be ordered Monday to Friday before 1pm for next day delivery (Nick is keeping some in the freezer for now) Nick will send out a price and product list of what will be usually available but if there are any specific products you require, please let him know and he will see if he can source it. A takeaway service will be available on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights between 6pm – 8/8:30pm. When collecting your meals please follow all social distancing rules.  If you are able to pay via BAC’s that is the best method of payment.  If there are any other services you that the pub can provide to help you at this difficult, uncertain and isolating time, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Check out the takeaway menu . Tel: 01726  832453  

The following businesses are offering deliveries:  

Tywardreath Shop: 01726 817873 – villageshoptywardreath@gmail.comark Road Stores – 01726 832560.  Or Gwen Phillips works there on Monday evening, Thursday & Friday and is willing to bring supplies if you need some.
Richards of Par –  Orders over £10 attract free delivery. They request that all orders are sent by email including address and telephone number. When they have a number of orders for the village they will contact Maurie and let him know when they are going to deliver.
Walter Bailey – 01726 812245.
Penhaligon’s, Lostwithiel – 01208 872504.
Top Shop, Fowey – 01726 832560
Harbour News – 01726 812638
Mace St Blazey Gate – 01726 812084
Mindful chef: This online delivery of ingredients is recommended by Jeremy L-E. You select two or five recipes from a large list for, say weekly delivery… you can stop anytime – they donate a child meal to third world for every purchase. I just did 5 meals for 2 people. Was £7. 60 per person per meal.  
Cornish Food Market – Next day delivery on all the kitchen essentials with full fresh produce range – delivered to your door. Go to this link to browse product ranges – place all orders on 01326 331 900 or email with all your contact details, phone number, address.
Celtic Fish & Game will deliver to Golant Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays this link will take you to the full catalogue. The majority have been asking for individual frozen fish portions so they can use them when they like. If there is anything you would like that isn’t listed, just ask. All the frozen fish (except the farmed) is still locally sourced and processed in house. They can also provide goods in individuals / smaller packaging i.e: single rolls, loafs of bread, single butter blocks and smaller cheese blocks. If you have any questions call 01736 797470  
The Fowey Farm Shop, is offering to deliver. It is located at Tremanor Farm, Fowey,  PL23 1JZ on the B3269 heading towards Castledore from Fowey, on the left.
They are stocking fresh meat, duck, duck legs, duck hogs pudding, duck and hen eggs, exotic mushrooms, fresh fruit and vegetables, logs, dairy produce from Trewithen Dairies, and much more.
They are offering a delivery service in the Fowey, Par, Tywardreath and Lostwithiel area.  Google the Fowey Farm Shop for details. Contact 07984 205 379.
Four Turnings Garage is open 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday and 9am to 5pm Sunday.
Rupert works there and is happy to fill small orders. He said: ‘ I am quite happy to make the purchase on their behalves and will deliver to the doorstep with the goods bagged and with a receipt attached. Payment can be made to me later either via bank transfer or cash.’
All orders should be made by text to 07815 307636 with the name and address. Alternatively, call 01726 832428, ask to be put through to the shop and, if Rupert is not there, please leave a message.
Gluten free food:
Liddicoat Butchers, Lostwithiel will deliver to Golant for free with orders over £25 (Thursdays or Fridays only). 01208 872428

Advice on keeping safe in your home from Ruth Varcoe
We are at our highest risk when we go shopping and in particular when we return home. (or home deliveries)  Our usual action would be to walk in, put the kettle on and unpack the shopping, storing it in cupboards, on shelves and filling our fridge and freezer. Now we have possibly brought the virus into our home, which is clearly not a good thing.  So here is a simple step by step guide that could help you and others stay safe.
1.    When you get home, wash your hands and only then put the kettle on.
2.    Now put the perishables in the fridge and freezer.
3.    Clean your fridge and freezer handles (and any door handles touched) and then wash your hands. The cold will eventually kill any virus on fridge and freezer items.
4.   Leave the non perishables in your bags for over 72 hours before putting them away.
5.   If you do need to use something, such as milk or a packet of biscuits straight away, wipe the bottle or packet with soapy water or disinfectant before use and again wash your hands.
And from Bridget Whell
Good advice form Ruth, though a point to raise.  Everything I have read is that the virus is killed by heat, some chemicals / disinfectant and time outside the body.  However, the fridge WILL NOT kill it, only the time so don’t rely on the cold doing the job, just put food in the fridge and try to be ahead of yourselves and don’t use immediately.
SARS was only destroyed by temperatures upwards of 56C so don’t rely on warmer summers except that we will tend to be inside less, exercising more and seeing some rays (which do kill it if it reaches the virus)
Washing hands with soap is not just about removing the virus, they have a lipid (fatlike) covering so soap may disrupt its coating.
Use alcohol products between approx 60 and 70% alcohol levels as ineffective at lower strength but high concentrations may evaporate too quickly; again it needs time to work
Stay safe and healthy.  Work on the SARS virus showed that the fever in humans, therefore higher body temperatures slowed the virus so keeping your body temperature up occasionally through exercise may help to prevent the strength of reaction in your body.  And the lymphatic system working to clear rubbish (polite word) out of the body.  Keep exercising!
We have to be so careful about the advice that we get.

Bread from Beth
I know bread is quite hard to get hold of at the moment and so I would love to be able to make this, any form (rolls/loaves etc) also cakes/buns/biscuits/scones etc that people would like!
I really enjoy trying out different recipes so they can throw anything at me; a little of this may make people happy at the moment. I don’t want any payment, I’m happy to supply the ingredients myself as I’m donating the service, but if someone did want to give something back I would be really happy to take donations for Lostwithiel Young Farmers Club!
Free range eggs
Ruth Varco has free range eggs for sale (subject to availability) at her front gate on the wall in front of the church. The cost is £1.50 per half dozen. If you don’t have change, an IOU is absolutely fine – spare egg cartons are welcome. Ruth can be contacted on 833319
Cash available
Going to the Post Office or cashpoint could be a risk for the vulnerable and everyone is being asked to pay for purchases by card if possible.
However the Village Hall Committee has decided to provide a village ‘cashpoint’ service through treasurer, Fayre Hardy.
The maximum withdrawal is £50 per person, with payment by cheque or bank transfer. The money will be delivered by hand into your letterbox in a sealed bag. Always wash your hands after handling bank notes.
Fayre Hardy contacts.  Telephone – 01726 833380  Email –
Carers wanted
Cornwall Council needs more people to take on caring roles. If you know anyone who is interested please refer them to

Beating isolation from Village Hall Chairman, Paul Meredith
Nick and Paul are looking how we can all join in some online games. If you wish to play bingo (you should have received a book through your post box) or other games downland Zoom – a free app. The date and time of bingo will be sent out on Maurie Mail – in the meantime test out Zoom by connecting with a friend.
Jane and Jay the IT wizards from Cornwall Rural Community Charity have offered their free support to anyone  who is experiencing problems with their laptop, tablet or smartphones. They are available during office hours 9am to 5pm. The numbers to call are 01872 243557 or 01872 243534.

Free magazines and newspapers
If you are a member of local library (you can join online on the Cornwall Council website if you are not) you can access a wide range of daily newspapers and magazines for free with this service. More details on Cornwall Council’s library website.

Indoor Exercises

Online Free Card Games/ Wordsearches/ Large Print Crosswords  

Online Snooker Free Games and so many more!

Virtual tours


Online Concerts

Cooking and Baking