Golant Boat Watch

Below is the Golant Village Webcam, located on Castledore Rowing Club and maintained by Golant Boatwatch

Golant Boatwatch (Golant Boat Owners Association)

Originally set up in 1995 to combat marine related crimes on the River Fowey, the voluntary association has continued to provide an ongoing and successful resource that has limited the level of marine crime in this area.

Seen as a forerunner of other more recent schemes in the area, the Golant Boat Owners Association (now more commonly known as Golant Boatwatch) has continued to provide an ongoing ‘watch-based’ service in the village and on the river.

We are organised through a standing committee and very much supported and guided by our local police force, the Fowey Harbour Authority and local council. Our activity, administration and finances are available for review (by members) at the Annual General Meeting normally held in the village hall in November of each year. We also hold an early season “get together” to celebrate the start of the boating season and to provide an opportunity for members to meet up in a social environment.  We also hold flotillas in the summer months where members can enjoy being together on the river.

Members come from a wide variety of backgrounds but all have a desire to play their part in the minimising of marine crime. We do so by carrying out ‘walking patrols’ along the many moorings in the village and also by boat on the River Fowey. We also maintain CCTV coverage of the river and Golant Pill. If you have a boat on the river, then it is probably worth considering becoming a member, but owning a boat is definitely not a pre-requisite, with many of our members simply living locally and wanting to ‘do their bit!’.

Our philosophy is simple: By being visible we will deter crime and in this regard we wear hi viz jackets to make our activity more obvious to all. As an association, we also promote boat and equipment security and safety on the river, via our entry in the village newsletter, the Golant Pill, where members (and non-members) can keep up to date with activity and other boating related news.

Anyone wishing to become a member of Golant Boatwatch and help in the ongoing task of beating marine based crime can download the Golant Boatwatch Membership Form.  It can also be found on the Fowey Harbour Commissioners web site under Safety. Alternatively contact David Bonsall (Chairman) on 01726 834458 or e-mail: david.aj.bonsall@btinternet.com

For more information check out our Facebook page.